my shot of San Marino at night

Besides computing and cybersecurity, I have several passions.

I like photography, even if it is a passion that I recently discovered. I took part in some photographic contests and got excellent results. Sometimes I publish some of my shots on Flickr.

I am curious to know how things work, I like to take them apart to understand how they are made. Especially electronic objects and tools. In fact, electronics is another passion of mine, in which I delight in my free time.

I like the mountains, I often go walking and making long distances.

I am passionate about journalism, both Italian and foreign. I’m not very good at writing, but I like to see how events are transformed into news, and I like to follow the narrative of current events.

I also like politics, I participate in discussion tables to improve my city, and I am a member of a political party.

There are times when I spend a lot of time playing video games, I enjoy shooters.

I like classical music and opera.

I like trains.